Agensys is progressing a pipeline of both naked and antibody-drug conjugated (ADC) therapeutic antibodies, directed at a variety of cancer indications. The pipeline is being generated to Agensys’ diverse portfolio of proprietary, clinically relevant cancer targets.


For a list of compounds in the Agensys pipeline, please visit:


Agensys compounds will list Agensys in the Origin column of the Overview of R&D Pipeline


Our Development responsibilities start from taking compounds from the research bench into toxicology/ pre-clinical studies and the IND filing through to the product Proof of Concept trial (i.e., Phase I and II studies).  After successful completion and satisfactory results from the early phase studies (e.g. after Phase II), the compound is transitioned to Astellas’ Development team who will conduct the Phase III studies and prepare and submit the NDA/BLA.


We conduct clinical trials with high standards while placing the highest priority in ensuring patient safety.


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Participating in a Clinical Trial

If you are interested in possibly participating in a Clinical Trial please visit the web site and search for Agensys and/or trials that meet your criteria.  The web site provides contact information for doctors working as Clinical Trial Investigators.